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    I once met a middle-aged stranger who said his money had been stolen at the railway station,so he had no money to go home. He begged for help from passers-by,but they all pretended not to have heard what he was saying and went by quickly. Then he stopped me and wanted me to give him the help. At first I could not accept that because I didnt think he was telling the truth. But when I saw tears in his eyes,I began to believe that he might be in the real trouble,so,just immediately I gave him all the money I had. When he took the money, his face turned red. Before he left,he expressed his great thanks and also said he would give back my money when he reached home.

    When I came back to school and told my classmates about my story,they held different opinions. Some of them thought that I did a good deed to have given a hand to the person in trouble,while others said that I was cheated.Some even laughed at me and called me a fool who could not judge things in the right way. Now,I am really confused!





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